Apple re-releases critical security patch

Apple re-releases critical security
Matthew Broersma,

Apple has re-released a mammoth security patch after the original update broke 64-bit applications.

Version 1.1 of Security Update 2005-007 is now available from Apple's website or via the Mac OS X "Tiger" automatic update system.

The original Security Update 2005-007, released on Monday, fixed errors in more than 40 components, some of them with critical flaws.

Among those elements affected were AppKit, BlueTooth, CoreFoundation, cups, Directory Services, HIToolBox, Kerberos, loginwindow, Mail, OpenSSL, QuartzComposerScreenSaver, Security Interface, Safari, X11 and zlib.

But the update also rendered 64-bit optimized applications unusable, causing thousands of companies to field calls from angry customers, and Apple was forced to withdraw the patch. Full article.