Cool New Device for Storing and Transferring Data, Pictures

Cool new product for storing and transferring data... no cables et al.

From the Desk of David Pogue: A Brilliant New Memory Card ( =========================================================

When you're a technology reviewer, you see it all. Sometimes, it's a great idea that's doomed by a terrible execution. Sometimes, a product flops because it's a dumb idea that's done up in royal style. So when you come across something that's both a brilliant idea and flawlessly executed, it's a red-letter day. And that, I'm happy to say, is the category for SanDisk's new Ultra II SD Plus memory card.

Now, let's review what we know about transferring photos from your camera to your computer. You have two options. First, you can connect the camera to a U.S.B. cable, which you then plug into your computer. Fine, except that you have to remember to carry around the U.S.B. cable, and you're eating up your camera's battery power during the transfer process. (And whatever you do, don't go off on a trip with the WRONG cable, one with some kind of goofy proprietary end connector.)Second, you can buy a card reader. You don't use up your camera's battery that way, but now you have yet another piece of gear to carry around.

But SanDisk has now come up with a third option: stick the memory card directly into any computer. Read full nytimes review here.