Palm to Run Blackberry Software

Just as Palm announced last week that the new Treo will run the Microsoft platform, Palm also announces it will run Blackberry.

Palm Runs BlackBerry Software
From 10-17-2005

Treo smart phone will run Research In Motion’s email software by early next year.

Palm and Research In Motion said Monday that Palm’s Treo 650 smart phone will run RIM’s BlackBerry Connect email software by early 2006.

Palm has joined RIM’s licensing program for BlackBerry Connect and plans to offer it with the Treo 650 as well as future Palm OS-based Treo smart phones.

The deal comes only a few weeks after Palm signed a deal with Microsoft to introduce the first Windows Mobile-based Treo smart phone (see Palm, Microsoft Team on Treo), so it doesn’t seem likely that the Windows-based Treo will run the BlackBerry software.

Palm also introduced organizer devices last week, but the deal apparently does not include those either (see Palm Debuts Two Models). Full article.