Blackberry 8800 (Cingular/ATT) - NEW Release GPS, multimedia

New: Blackberry 8800

This device now includes GPS, built-in SD expansion card, MP3 player, smaller... overall slick... a little pricey.

Good article from ZDNET here.

RIM BlackBerry 8800
Matt Loney ZDNet UK
Published: 13 Feb 2007

The BlackBerry 8800 is the latest phone-cum-email device to come out of the Research In Motion stable. RIM has developed a reputation for turning its users into addicts, thanks largely to its pioneering push email technology, and its latest offering will do nothing to dispel that reputation.

So what's new? A handful of features, the most prominent of which — the one that will make most people desire the device — is the GPS functionality. GPS on the BlackBerry 8800 comes with maps and directions. ... its 320x240 landscape TFT screen is clear and bright.

- The key pitch is smaller, but a cut-out corner on each one means the keys are useable by all but the biggest thumbs. Status and style junkies will love its slender (it is just 14mm thick) black lines — our review model had Treo users turning green with jealousy.