FiOS in DC, Don't Ask Verizon

Wondering when and if we'll ever get FiOS in DC?

Well, so is the Washington Post.

Here's an article called "Fios in Your Neighborhood? Don't Ask Verizon" by Rob Pegoraro Sept 27, 2007.

It's online and also in the printed Washington Post Business section page D1.

... "But Verizon treats its plans for Fios like a state secret. Finding out when this service might show up at your door requires detective work or outright clairvoyance.

The worst such example may be in the District. Verizon has rolled out Fios in every surrounding jurisdiction, but D.C. residents are still waiting to hear when it might reach their homes.

Searching for service by typing in a District address on Verizon's Web site generated only a bland, meaningless assurance: "Our network is continually being expanded." Verizon's public relations department was no more informative.