Flash SSD Drives for Laptops!

This innovation I am ready for! The primary reason that machines fail (and people cry) over the life of a desktop or laptop is the hard drive. Let's see if this holds true for Flash SSD. See note from Popular Mechanics below:

The Top 10 Most Brilliant Gadgets of 2007
2007 Breakthrough Awards /// The Products
By The Editors Published in the November 2007 issue.

Samsung Solid State Drive
Hard-disk drives are the out-of-shape kids in computer gym class. While a PC’s other components (CPU, GPU and RAM) operate at lightning-fast speeds, the drive huffs and puffs and spins as fast as possible to try to keep up. Flash memory is far speedier and, because it has no moving parts, is resistant to mechanical failure. Samsung’s new Solid State Drives (the samples we received were oxymoronically labeled “solid state disks”) are essentially big bundles of flash memory—up to 64GB—that replace traditional hard drives. Laptops using SSDs are lighter, faster and quieter than those with conventional drives. As price comes down and capacities increase, all computers may give up spinning disks for SSDs.

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