Intel Classmate PC Review: CNET

CNET editors' review
Reviewed by: Dan AckermanReviewed on 11/1/07 Release date: 10/1/07

While the One Laptop Per Child XO, expected to start coming off of production lines in large numbers in November 2007, is perhaps the best-known laptop aimed at people in developing communities, Intel has already shipped thousands of its Classmate PC systems to test markets, including Mexico and Brazil. With a 7-inch display and solid-state hard drive, the Classmate shares many physical traits with the $399 Linux-based Asus Eee PC (a product that's actually available to consumers), but the Classmate is clearly designed to withstand greater wear and tear, with a thick ruggedized plastic shell.

The Classmate starts at $225, and for around $350, you can get one set up like our review unit, preloaded with Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003--both software packages specially configured to fit onto the tiny 2GB flash hard drive (larger versions may be available in the future). There's scant room left for file storage or adding applications, but to its credit, the Classmate ran Windows XP smoothly with only 256MB of RAM, an impressive feat in itself.

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