Lexar Media plans to release 32GB and 64GB Solid State Drives

Crucial.com preps 32GB, 64GB Solid State Drives
by Peter Cohen

Jan 2, 2008 5:12 pm

Lexar Media has announced plans to release in the first calendar quarter 32GB and 64GB Solid State Drives (SSDs) in 2.5-inch form factors, designed as replacements for laptop hard disk drives. Pricing was not announced, but Lexar suggested it would happen some time in the first calendar quarter of 2008. They'll be released under Lexar's Crucial brand.

Solid State Drives use non-volatile flash memory to store data, rather than a hard disk drive mechanism. As a result, there's no spinning motor, which means that performance is better and battery power consumption is less, according to Lexar. Lexar also claims that SSDs produce less heat and have lower weight than hard drives. The downside is that SSD capacities hold only a fraction of the amount of data that hard drives can hold. The larger of the two SSDs that Lexar plans to release can hold less than one-fifth the amount of data as the largest hard disk drive mechanism available in the same form factor.

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