Microsoft Releases Windows XP SP3 RC2

Microsoft Releases Windows XP SP3 RC2
February 20, 2008
By Michael Muchmore

Microsoft has made what is thought to be the final version of its Windows XP operating system available to the public. Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 2 can be obtained through Windows Update, but users need to change some registry settings for the update to be sent.

This is still a test version, and Microsoft is vague about when the final version will be released, asserting that it will be some time "in the first quarter of 2008." The public availability of this release candidate points to the software company getting close to the final release, however.

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This is good news to folks like me that reinstall XP Pro laptops and desktops. Just downloading and installing the post SP2 critical security updates (like 50 or so) takes a very LONG time! This will save at least 30 minutes for an install (that's a guess on time savings, not an actual test).