Starbucks Expands Wi-Fi Capabilities

Cool Beans: Starbucks Expands Wi-Fi Capabilities
(A new deal with AT&T broadband and business customers)

Posted by Gayle Kesten Tuesday, Feb 12, 2008, 09:12 AM ET

From SmallBizResource Blog -- Mobility

Sweeter than two squirts of sugar-free vanilla syrup in my grande nonfat cappuccino, Starbucks will offer Wi-Fi in more locations courtesy of a new deal with AT&T.

Beginning this spring, the Seattle-based Caffeine King will begin rolling out AT&T's wireless broadband service to more than 7,000 of its locations across the country. Starbucks Card holders are entitled to two hours of free Wi-Fi per day, while "qualifying" AT&T broadband and Internet customers get a total free pass. Ditto for AT&T business customers. The rest of the java-drinking population can pay for two-hour installments ($3.99) or for monthly access ($19.99).

"Our new relationship with AT&T gives us the opportunity to expand and enhance the range of digital entertainment experiences for our customers as well as our partners, including the continued rollout of the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store at Starbucks," said Ken Lombard, president of Starbucks Entertainment, in this statement.

For those of us already using T-Mobile, no worries: We can continue doing so at no extra cost.

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