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by Macky Cruz (Technical Communications)
The LinkedIn professional networking site connects more than 30 million users from across many different industries. The advantages of maintaining a list of trusted business contacts for career planning purposes is not lost on LinkedIn’s users.

The fostering of business relationships is further enhanced by features such as LinkedIn Answers and access from mobile devices.

Advanced Threats Researcher Ivan Macalintal found some bogus LinkedIn profiles which contain links to malware, using the names and images of famous personalities such as:

Beyoncé Knowles
Victoria Beckham
Christina Ricci
Kirsten Dunst
Salma Hayek
Kate Hudson
… and several others.

by Jake Soriano (Technical Communications)

Neither. Or both. It depends on whether you think it is authentic or fake.
Twitter users are facing yet another attack, this time a phishing threat. A spamming operation previously flooded users of the social networking and micro-blogging site with follower notifications which led to spammy and bogus profiles.

Cyber criminals are now exploiting Twitter’s Direct Messages function, instructing users that pictures of them were seen on another website, and the link is provided in the same message. A variation of this baiting technique informs users that the same website offers a free popular mobile phone