Fake AV SEO (Search Engine Optimization) infections

Listed below from Sophos are some excellent "real" examples of SEO use to send an unsuspecting user to an infected website.

From SophosLabs blog posting:

Over the past few days, we have seen a sharp rise in the volume of Troj/JSRedir-Z reports. So what does this detection correspond to? Basically, it is detection for the redirect script that is being used within SEO pages to redirect people to fake AV sites.

Using kits to create these keyword stuffed pages on legitimate sites enables fraudsters to get their pages high up in the search engine results, and thus likely to attract user traffic. Frequently SEO pages use topical news stories or celebrity gossip to attract users. In this current attack the fraudsters clearly seem to be getting some success with an “educational theme”.

Both teachers and parents will know that one of the great things about the web, is the easy access to numerous resources for children. For example, pictures to print out and colour in, or educational resources such as maps or charts. And how do you find such resources? You guessed it, a search engine. Are you a teacher looking for a wall planner?
Complete posting with additional examples.