Cloud Computing to Hack Wi-fi Network?

Amazon cloud can help hack WiFi networks: expert

By Jim Finkle
BOSTON Fri Jan 7, 2011 4:47pm EST

(Reuters) - A security researcher says he has figured out a quick and inexpensive way to break a commonly used form of password protection for wireless networks using powerful computers that anybody can lease from Inc over the Web.

Thomas Roth, a computer security consultant based in Cologne, Germany, says he can hack into protected networks using specialized software that he has written that runs on Amazon's cloud-based computers. It tests 400,000 potential passwords per second using Amazon's high-speed computers.

That leaves businesses as well as home networks prone to attack if they use relatively simple passwords to secure their networks.

Amazon leases time on computers to developers and companies that don't have the money to buy their own equipment, or don't use it frequently enough to justify doing so. Customers include individual programmers and corporate users.

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