Connect Samsung Galaxy Android device to PC or Mac (transfer video)

Below are the steps from with connection steps for PC and Mac for Galaxy Android devices.

This is very helpful if you are having issues getting your Samsung mass storage to detect on your PC or Mac.

Why would you want mass storage detection? You'll want this to be able to copy converted video to it. (See Handbrake steps to convert video specific to Galaxy S phones).


From Samsung Support:

The Super AMOLED™ screen on the Galaxy S is a thing of beauty, and many users want to take full advantage of it by transferring their movies and videos from their computers to their phones. Sometimes this gets a little tricky, so here are step-by-step instructions for connecting your Epic 4G to your PC (Click here for instructions on how to connect to a Mac):

  1. Press the Home key.

  2. Plug your charging cable into the phone.

  3. Plug the other end of the cable in a USB port on your PC.
    Tip: Avoid the use of multiport hubs if possible.

  4. Tap on Mass Storage.

  5. Sweep down the Notification bar and tap USB connected-select to copy files to/from the computer.

  6. Tap Mount.

  7. An option window may pop up on the PC. Click on Open Folder to View Files.

  8. Navigate to the desired files you want to transfer and either drag and drop them over or copy and paste them into the directories.

Here are instructions on how to connect other Galaxy S phones to your computer: