RIM's Blackberry Fusion to manage Apple's iOS, Android and Blackberry (not Windows devices)

Interesting move by RIM to change company strategy (had to). This is a good move, in theory. The management of smartphones (including security) and mobile devices for the IT Enterprise is very limited. This is a great concept. Let's see if it works in action.
RIM's upcoming BlackBerry Mobile Fusion management platform supports not only BlackBerry but also Apple’s iPhone and Google Android.

From eWeek article.

Research In Motion has long touted enterprise-level security and management as a selling point of its BlackBerry devices, a key differentiator from the Apple iPhones and Google Android smartphones flooding both the business and consumer market.

Now, it seems, RIM has decided to extend its branded management capabilities to platforms beyond BlackBerry, in what could represent a significant strategy change for the company.
RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is designed, in the words of the company’s Nov. 29 press release, to “simplify the management of smartphones and tablets running BlackBerry, Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems.”

In other words, IT administrators and CIOs will have the ability to control all those devices via a Web-based console, from instituting security policies to managing applications. For those shops continuing to support BlackBerry devices, RIM will include BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.3, which offers features such as over-the-air app and software installation.

From eWeek article.