Microsoft Cloud-based Email Outage

Microsoft is hitting it's growing pains with it's online cloud-based email outage yesterday.  They had a
MAJOR outage yesterday for many hours, most business users losing an entire day of email.  Yikes!  It will be interesting how they respond.  All vendors have outages but the response really is the key for the end use, especially business end users.  The better providers respond well with things like what, why, why not again, what's different, what have we learned, etc...

Here are more details on the outage.

Microsoft fixes Exchange Online outage after almost 9 hours
Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service
Jun 25, 2014 12:02 AM

Microsoft has finally fixed an Exchange Online outage that left affected users without access to email for almost nine hours on Tuesday, prompting many to vent their frustration online as they struggled to get their work done.

The company hasn’t said how many customers were impacted, but judging by the volume of complaints posted in discussion forums and social media sites, it must have hit a substantial number of users.

Plus, the length of the outage, and the fact that it struck during U.S. work hours, makes it a significant and embarrassing one for Microsoft, which is locked in a fight with Google in the cloud communication and collaboration software market.

Exchange Online is sold as a standalone service, and also as a component of Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud communication and collaboration suite for businesses, schools, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.  Entire article here.