Read Outlook 2010 Auto-Complete .dat files: NK2EDIT


This is a fantastic freeware app to be able to read .dat auto-complete Outlook 2010 files. (It will read .nk2 files as well, but the key option is reading and saving as .dat files - the new format in Outlook 2010 for auto-complete files). (The .dat auto-complate file is stored in the RoamCache folder under the Windows profile).

You can download the very small application from and the install is a snap. Takes almost no space, and very simple to use.

You can do many things with this including copying the email address/contact data to an Excel spreadsheet, you can import it directly to create contacts in Outlook 2010... and lots more.

I had looked and looked for a tool to do this. They just need to change the name and I think more folks would find and use it for Outlook 2010 .dat files. There's even a 64bit version.

NK2Edit.exe from

Additional info from the vendor.